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[REPOST] Lucky For Some: Robin (Superdictionary)

Title: Lucky For Some
Characters: Robin, El Dragón, Superman
Rating: Adult.
Summary: Robin's not a bad person, but he knows how to turn a situation to his advantage.
Author's Note: Originally posted on June 19 2009 for [ profile] fortycakes

"What did you do this time?" El Dragón asked, staring at the dented motorcycle. He looked intently at it.

"It wasn't my fault!" Robin cried. "It wasn't something that I was responsible for! He just ran out in front of me. He used his legs to move quickly. He runs quicker than other people. He runs faster than them. Or maybe he was flying. Maybe he was moving through the air without touching the ground. I can't be sure. I can't be certain."

"Is he okay?" El Dragón asked. "Is he alright?"

Robin sighed. "I think that he went to the hospital. He went to a place that makes people feel better."

"Well..." El Dragón started. "At least you know that he won't be meeting Batman tonight. They won't be going to the same place so that they can have hot mansex."

"Yeah, if it were anyone else, I'd feel bad." Robin replied, pushing the motorcycle into the garage. "If it were any other person, I'd feel bad."

He then turned to face El Dragón, grinning evilly. He grinned in a way that showed that he had very bad thoughts. "But seeing as it's Superman, I don't."

And that's terrible.

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