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[REPOST] Ruined: El Dragón (Superdictionary)

Title: Ruined
Characters: El Dragón, Robin, Green Arrow
Rating: PG
Summary: When there's a plan, it's normally a good idea to stick to it.
Author's Note: Originally posted on May 1 2009 for [ profile] fortycakes

If Home Is Where The Heart Is
The Plan Can't Fail Until There's A Plan
The Best Laid Plans

El Dragón was confused. He was very puzzled

"He really got given flowers? He definitely got given flowers?"

"Yep." Robin said sadly. "They were just there, waiting in the Batcave for him. From a super special someone, the note said. That was what the message with the flowers said"

"But that's odd." El Dragón replied. "That's weird. Superman wouldn't do that."

"He built that heart shape for him." Robin countered. "He made that heart shape out of cars for him."

"But that's the thing - he made it out of cars. If he was the sort of person who sent flowers, he wouldn't have done that. If he was the kind of person who sent flowers, he would have made it out of chocolate or bunnies or something."

Robin shrugged. He moved his shoulders to indicate indifference.

Just then, Green Lantern entered the apartment. He walked into the apartment.

"Seriously, learn to knock first Green Lantern." El Dragón grumbled. "Bang hard on the door first. I could have been... doing something."

"Now that's unlikely." Green Lantern teased. "That's not very likely at all."

El Dragón said nothing. He did not say anything.

Green Lantern smirked. He grinned in a nasty way. "Anyway, I came here to tell you that I've done something useful. I've done something that should help you with your plan. I sent Batman some flowers, pretending that they were from Robin. I made it appear that they were from Robin, when they really weren't."

Robin started to cry.

"There were at least forty flowers." Green Lantern offered, hoping to stop Robin crying. "That's as many as four tens!"

El Dragón sighed. He released a breath of air to show his irritation. "Batman thinks that the flowers are from Superman. Batman thinks that Superman sent him the flowers. You've ruined the whole plan, Green Lantern. You've messed up the whole plan, and everyone's hard work will have been for nothing. And now I will have to come up with a new plan."

"Your plan was stupid." snapped Green Lantern. "It was foolish, idiotic and completely ridiculous, just like you."

El Dragón was shocked. He was surprised by Green Lantern's outburst, and not in a good way. He'd never seen Green Lantern be so mean before. He'd never seen him be so nasty before. Green Lantern had been so mean that it made El Dragón cry.

And that's terrible.

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