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[REPOST] The Best Laid Plans: El Dragón (Superdictionary)

Title: The Best Laid Plans
Characters/Pairings: El Dragón, Atom
Rating: PG
Summary: Atom really didn’t think that the perils of being small would enter into the equation.
Author's Note: Originally posted on May 1 2009 for [ profile] fortycakes

If Home Is Where The Heart Is
The Plan Can't Fail Until There's A Plan

Meanwhile, Atom had been doing some surveillance as part of El Dragón's plan too. He had been doing some close observation work too.

Or at least he had been, until he woke up on a table with the worst headache ever.

"I don't want to do anything like that again." he told El Dragón on the phone that night. "I don't want to do anything like that another time. It was like a nightmare. It was like a really bad dream."

"It can't have been that horrible." said El Dragón. "It can't have been that bad."

"It really was." Atom replied. "In fact, if you listen, I'll tell you how bad it was. I will explain to you how bad it was."

Atom paused before continuing. He stopped speaking for a few seconds, because speaking was making his head hurt even more.

"I had shrunk so that Batman and Superman would not notice me. I made myself reduce in size so that they wouldn't notice me. At one point, they walked off in separate directions. They walked off in different directions. Superman flew off quickly. He flew off really fast, so I couldn't follow him. Instead, I followed Batman as fast as I could. I followed him as quickly as I could, but because I was still small, I couldn't keep up with him for long. So I decided to stop for a moment. I decided to stop for a few seconds, so I could grow again. But before I could, a child grabbed me! A child took hold of me and wouldn't let me go. She probably thought that I was a doll. She probably thought that I was a person-shaped toy, because when she got back home, she took off my shrinking belt and bumped me against a table. She bumped me against the table forty times. That's the same as four tens! When I woke up, I found my belt. I located my belt, and then I ran."

"That's pretty bad." El Dragón agreed. "That is rather bad. But I could come over and… make you feel better."

"No, not right now." Atom said, before he hung up the phone. "I really have got a headache."

And that's terrible.

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