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[REPOST] Waiting: Wonder Woman (Superdictionary)

Title: Waiting
Characters/Pairings: Wonder Woman, Flash/Green Arrow
Rating: Adult
Summary: Wonder Woman is a lot more observant than people give her credit for.
Author's Note: Originally posted on April 30 2009 for [ profile] fortycakes

If Home Is Where The Heart Is
The Plan Can't Fail Until There's A Plan

Where are they? thought Wonder Woman. Where are those people who are meant to be here?

She looked around the street. She used her eyes to try to gain information about the street she was in. Most of the buildings were at least forty storeys high. That's as many as four tens!

Wonder Woman sighed. She released a breath of air to vent her frustration. They were over an hour late. They had not arrived at the prearranged time, which was over an hour ago.

In a way, she had expected this. She had thought that this would be likely to happen. All of her superhero friends had been acting oddly recently. They had been acting oddly of late. Superman had piled up those cars the other day, which was odd. It was something he didn't usually do. Robin seemed to be very sad lately. Robin appeared to be sad.

And El Dragón... it was probably best not to think about El Dragón's behaviour. It was best not to think about the way he'd been acting, because Wonder Woman liked him and it made her worry about him. He was obviously trying to be sneaky about something. He was clearly trying to be sneaky, but if she'd noticed then he wasn't doing it so well. Last time they had talked, she'd told him that she'd help him out with anything. She'd told him that she'd help him out with a great many things, including his constant plans to get hot mansex. He hadn't replied to that. He hadn't said anything back. She knew why - El Dragón simply didn't trust her to be a good friend to him yet.

She wondered if she could get El Dragón to get together with Robin. She thought very hard about it. It would certainly make Robin much happier. It would make Robin happier by a large amount. And it would give El Dragón something to do. In a manner of speaking, anyway.

She leaned against the nearest building. She used the building to support her weight. They were two hours late now. That's twice as many as one! If she'd have known that they were going to be this late, she would have asked Supergirl to wait with her. She would have asked Supergirl to stay with her to pass the time. At least that would have been fun.


About two metres behind her, and 20 storeys upwards, Flash realised that both he and Green Arrow were meant to be on duty with Wonder Woman. They were meant to be helping Wonder Woman keep the city safe, as previously arranged. He knew that Wonder Woman was going to be mad at them when she next saw them. She was going to be angry with them. But he found that, if Green Arrow kept making that noise, he didn't really care.

And that's terrible.

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