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[REPOST] If Home Is Where The Heart Is...: El Dragón (Superdictionary)

Title: If Home Is Where The Heart Is...
Characters/Pairings: El Dragón, Robin, Superman/Batman
Rating: Adult-ish
Summary: El Dragón's thoughts don't always revolve around getting mansex - sometimes, he tries to help his friends too.
Author's Note: Originally posted on April 8 2009 for [ profile] fortycakes

"I should have been home by now." said Robin. "Batman will be worried about me. He will be thinking that something bad has happened to me."

El Dragón smiled sadly. The corners of his mouth turned upwards. He did not want Robin to leave. He did not want Robin to walk out of the apartment, while El Dragón had to stay.

Standing at the door of the apartment, Robin turned to him. "Can I come and talk to you again El Dragón? Can I come and talk to you a second time? I like talking to you, because you understand me. You know what I am talking about and are sympathetic about it."

El Dragón nodded. He moved his head up and down to show agreement. "Of course." he said. "You can come around anytime. You can come around whenever you like."

When Robin was gone, El Dragón nearly cried. He almost cried. He knew that Robin would be unhappy when he got home. He knew that Robin would not be happy when he got home, because Batman would be busy spending time with Superman. Batman was often busy with Superman. Batman often had hot mansex with Superman.

But El Dragón had a plan. He had an idea for something he could do to make the situation better for Robin. He thought of a way to make Batman and Superman split up. He thought of a way to make them stop having hot mansex. That way, Robin would have a chance with Batman. There would be a possibility that Robin could then have hot mansex with Batman.

Of course, it had occurred to El Dragón that Superman would then be single as well. If the plan worked, Superman wouldn't have anyone to have hot mansex with, unless Lex Luthor came back into the picture. But that was unlikely. It was not likely to happen, as Lex was still in jail.

Even though El Dragón had made his plan to make Robin happy, the thought all the hot mansex he could have with Superman if the plan worked made him smile.

And that's terrible.

The Plan Can't Fail Until There's A Plan