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[REPOST] Dark Times Remembered: El Dragón (Superdictionary)

Title: Dark Times Remembered
Characters/Pairings: El Dragón, several police officers and some guy named Bruce
Rating: Adult. Mentions of prostitution.
Summary: Lex Luthor goes to jail. El Dragón doesn't like jails.
Author's Note: Originally posted on March 9 2009 for [ profile] fortycakes

"...So now he's in jail." Superman said. "He is in a place with bars on the windows and doors."

The rest of the superheroes congratulated him. They praised him for getting Lex Luthor put in jail. But El Dragón didn't congratulate him.

El Dragón was too busy feeling bad. He remembered what jail was like. He knew what jail was like, because he had been there before.

When he was twenty one, he was still known as Miguel Rodriguez. People called him Miguel Rodriguez, and not El Dragón. And Miguel was desperate. He really wanted to have hot mansex, but no-one wanted to have hot mansex with him. So, one night, he went to see a male prostitute. He went to see someone who participates in sexual activities for money.

"For four hundred dollars, I'll do whatever you want." the prostitute said.

"Four hundred dollars? That's as much as four hundreds!" Miguel replied.

"If you pay me four hundred dollars, I'll do anything you want. I will do one of many things."

But as Miguel handed over the money, forty police officers barged in and pointed their guns at him. That was as many as four tens!

"Good job, Bruce." one police officer said. "Now he will go to jail. He will go to a place with bars on the windows and doors."

But even with the reputation jails have, Miguel did not get lucky. Even though most of the prisoners kept having hot mansex, none of them wanted hot mansex with Miguel.

And that's terrible.