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Pleasing and Pleading: Robin (Superdictionary)

Title: Pleasing and Pleading
Fandom: Superdictionary
Cast: Robin, Joker, El Dragón
Rating: Adult
Summary: If the Joker didn't tie people up so often, he'd probably never hear about this kind of thing.

The Joker was pleased. He was happy that he had managed to capture Robin.

"It will please me to keep you here." he said, as he finished tying Robin up. "It will make me feel good. It pleased me to trap you."

"Please, Joker, let me go." Robin pleaded. "I politely ask that you let me go."

"Now Robin, you know that's not how it works." the Joker said, disapprovingly. "You are aware of how it works: I keep you here so that Batman will try to rescue you, and then I capture him."

"Oh." said Robin. He made a small sound, to show that he understood now. "I got confused. I couldn't tell the difference between this situation and the one I was in last night. See, El Dragón had me tied up last night, but we had a safeword. When I'd truly had enough of something we were doing during our kinky mansex, such as being tied up, I was to say a phrase that we had previously decided meant 'stop this now', and..."

The Joker covered his ears. "If I let you go, will you promise that you'll never talk to me about your sex life again? Will you promise not to do it any more times?"

"Sure." Robin replied. "Of course." he said, as the Joker untied him.

"In case you were wondering..." Robin started, as he walked away from the Joker. "In case you were thinking about it, the safeword was 'cake'."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You broke your promise!" screamed the Joker, as Robin ran away. "You didn't keep it!"

And that's terrible.

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