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How Not To Be Romantic: Catwoman (Superdictionary)

Title: How Not To Be Romantic
Fandom: Superdictionary
Cast: Batgirl/Catwoman
Rating: Adult
Summary: Romance might not be dead, but it is dead difficult.

"Gaze into my eyes." Catwoman said slowly. "Look long into my eyes."

"I have gazed into your eyes." Batgirl replied, pushing her away gently. "Now I am getting sleepy. I am getting very tired, because I have spent all day chasing criminals."

"But I was trying to be romantic!" Catwoman sulked. "I was trying to show you that I care about you a lot, in the hopes that maybe we could have hot girlsex tonight."

Batgirl raised her eyebrow. She made her eyebrow go higher than usual. "Really? Because it just seemed creepy to me. It seemed weird and made me want to get as far away from you as possible."

Catwoman looked upset. She looked really very sad, so Batgirl held her hand and said: "Maybe we could have hot girlsex tomorrow instead. Maybe we could do it tomorrow rather than today. But I really need to sleep right now. I really need to rest deeply, so that I will have energy to do things tomorrow.

Leading Catwoman to the door, she continued: "You should go now. You should leave, so that I can get some sleep."

As soon as Batgirl had closed the door, Catwoman had an idea. She had a thought that she could make into a plan to get Batgirl to have hot girlsex with her! She would steal a diamond for her. She would take a diamond without its owner's permission, and give it to Batgirl as a gift. Then she would definitely have hot girlsex with her, because no woman can resist diamonds. Women are powerless against diamonds, because they are such romantic stones.

But when she tried to steal the diamond, she got caught by the police and put in jail. She got put into a place where people who've done bad things are kept, where there are bars on the windows and doors to stop people from getting out. And because she was in jail, she couldn't have hot girlsex with Batgirl.

And that's terrible.

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